Get Punked in Flamingo Pink and Apple Green

To make your Punky Colour really pop, you’ll need to start with light blonde or bleached hair. If your hair is darker, Punky Colour will give your hair a highlight effect. If you want to try bleaching your hair, we recommend our Punky Bleach Kit to prepare hair for truly outrageous color.

Start with clean, dry hair. For best results, don’t use a conditioner. To create strands of color, separate out pieces of hair, using a tinting cap or tin foil. Use a tinting brush to coat strands evenly with Punky Colour. Use gloves to avoid staining hands. Leave color on for 15-30 minutes and then rinse

Want to get totally punked? Try eye-popping, all-over color. Use petroleum jelly or baby oil on hairline and ears to avoid staining and wear rubber gloves. Starting with clean, dry hair, coat hair evenly from roots to end using a tinting brush. Comb through to distribute color. After 15-30 minutes, wash out. Semipermanent Punky Colour will last anywhere from 5-40 washes depending on type and condition of hair.