Be Wild in Bengal Blue

To get the brilliant blue color in the picture above, you’ll need to start with light blonde or bleached hair. If your hair is darker, Bwild Color Spray will give your hair a deep, indigo color. If you want to try bleaching your hair, we recommend our Punky Bleach Kit to prepare hair for truly outrageous color.

Use Bwild Color Spray to cover hair with rich blue color. Our sprays are the most intense color possible in a temporary hair spray, and they easily wash out in one shampoo. We use the finest ingredients so there is never any chance of damaging the hair.

Here’s a few helpful tips for getting the best results. Shake can well before spraying. Hold the can about a foot away from hair. Only apply to dry hair. Keep the color spray from getting on clothing by wearing a towel around your shoulders. When spraying around your hairline, put a little petroleum jelly on your hairline so you can easily wipe off any color that gets on skin. Spray hair in sections, flipping hair over to coat the undersides. To get even color, use a small plastic comb to distribute color through your hair after your spray each section.